Digital Modes

Basically Digital communications is based in to connect your Transceiver to your PC for to send Data (files, comments, photos, etc.) to other Stations. You can send photos (SSTV), do a chat (packet, RTTY...), send and receive files, do DX, digital CW, etc. Finally to do Contacts by radio, but in a diferent Way.

You can practise this with equipment you have now, your transceiver and your PC. Is necessary only a small interface to join they, as for example a modem for radio, a TNC or simply your PC Sound Card (for last one is necesary a simple home made wire with PTT conmutator).

I use a Core i3 PC 3000 Mhz. with a Modem SB-1000 USB by CG Antenna but I still have my old Modem Sitelco PRS 1.200 K that worked under Windows 98, two TNC inside my Kenwood equipments and a home made adaptor for mi sound card. Besides you can use every kind of machines, I started using and old 386 with 2Mb of Ram on MS-Dos and windows 3.1, But is clear that if you use better PC you would obtain better results and nowadays there are a lot of very good programs.

My favourite software for Windows is AGW Packet Engine with Winpack (for packet) and Ui-View (for APRS) which give me really good results, also I use HRD for CAT and Digital modes.

Modo Digital ROS
Click on the image to see an example of QSO in digital mode ROS

See here my last position received via radio on APRS mode or write another call sign in the box:

Example of real SSTV QSO (Scottie 2 mode) using 50w on 26-09-2013 with Japan:
1º JP7BNO replay my CQ call   2º JP7BNO replay RST with mine   3º Contact finish
1st) I send CQ call and JP7BNO replay me  -  2nd) I send report and JP7BNO return my RST  -  3rd) Contact finish

And here you can see my last 24h. activity on Digital modes and here my APRS activity.

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